Sex in Fantasy Writing

A lot like fight scenes (which I’ve touched on before), I’ve avoided writing sex in the past. There’s something a little awkward for me about writing it, though I don’t have a problem reading it save for the occasional blush.

That being said, we’re writing characters with thoughts and feelings, and some of those are bound to be sexual in one way or another for some character at some point. So let’s talk about sex, baby.

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Romance in Fantasy

There’s a lot of talk in writing circles about romance in any fiction. What is a compelling romance? What’s a bad romance? Why is it there to begin with? And so on.

Personally, I love romance. I think seeing how characters approach love and relationships can help flesh them out. But I also roll my eyes when I see it done wrong, come off as forced, doesn’t make sense, or feels rushed.

This is an issue in fantasy especially, I’ve seen. Romance is often thrown into a plot out of nowhere or for no reason that it feels fake and contrived.

So let’s talk about love.

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