Portal Fantasy

Is portal fantasy dead? I don’t know. My opinion is that you can write anything, even portal fantasy, and it can be great so long as it’s executed well.

So let’s talk about the pros and cons of portal fantasy, what we should focus on and what we shouldn’t.

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How to Make Characters Sound Different

I think making characters “sound”, for lack of a better word, different when they speak is a lot harder in genre fiction than it is for other forms of fiction. If you’re writing  a story in the real world in the modern day, the reader can more easily pick up on how a character sounds based on region, ethnicity, language background and so on.

When you’re writing genre fiction, all of that goes out the window. The reader, at first, has no clue about this world. The various nuances of speech in this world become unfamiliar.

So how do we accomplish making character sound different without beating a dead horse?

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Language and Speaking in Fantasy

If you’re writing fantasy, I’m guessing you’re creating your own world. Unless this is some kind of “Other Earth” scenario, historical fantasy, or science fantasy that involves our actual Earth. Otherwise, you’re going to be doing a lot of world building.

World building isn’t just terrain and continents. It’s culture building, and with culture, there’s language. Problem is, you have to tell it in a “real world” (living) language.

With that, let’s dive into language in fantasy. This is not going to be a language building post, but more of a how to use language in your writing. I’ll cover more on language building in another post.

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