Text and Subtext in Dialogue

I studied theatre. All we have in theatre is words on a page, it is up to the actors and directors to figure out what the hell the characters are actually saying.

Shakespeare didn’t deal a lot in subtext. The characters say exactly what they mean unless it’s made explicitly clear to the audience that the character is lying or something. More modern works have a ton of subtext. It’s a great tool for writers and very fun.

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Critiques: Terrifying, but Imperative.

I’m going to be straight up, I’m terrified of critiques. Not because I think my work is just so perfect that it’s completely incapable of containing serious flaws, or anything. What’s more terrifying is people really delving into something that I’ve put sweat, blood, and tears into. Whether it’s well received or not is less important to me, but the vulnerability that entails when submitting work for critiques is terrifying.

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