Resources For Writers

Here is a list of resources I’ve stumbled upon while on my writing journeys. Many of these pertain specifically to fantasy writing, but can work well for any kind of creative writing.


Fuck Yeah Character Development This a tumblr page that has a ton of information, resources, and answered questions dealing with all kinds of things that come up when writing a story, including structuring, character creation (goals, motives, obstacles, etc.), recommendations, diversity in writing, drawing, writing prompts, dialog, and all sorts of things. You can submit questions and inquiries as well.

Fantasy Writers Reddit This subreddit is very critique based (post submissions and ask for critiques), but they also deal in discussion and questions specifically about writing and fantasy as a genre. Be sure to read the subreddit rules and wiki before submitting.

Writing Reddit Another subreddit, but for more general writing inquiries. A larger scope of inquiries are addressed here including structure, some critiques, publishing, and the like. Be sure to read the subreddit rules and wiki before submititng.

Limyaael Rants A ton of fantasy and fiction in general rants and advice about what to do and what to avoid when writing. Humorous and with good points!

Writing Excuses Free to listen podcast where the hosts discuss general things in writing, problem solving, plotting, etc.

Springhole A solid place for writing advice, generators, quizzes, and more. Some of the content is pertained to role playing and fan fiction, but there is plenty that is applicable to original fiction and all genres of writing.


Inkarnate A world building tool designed for RPG board games. This FREE tool allows you to build continents, add terrain, roads, cities, bridges, etc. Very useful to writers who work in worlds they created. It is still currently in beta, so expect updates in the future.

Fantasy Name Generator A resource for generating character names, place names, coats of arms, family trees, and more.

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions An extensive list of questions writers should ask themselves and answer when world building.

World Building Reddit  A subreddit dedicated to world building. Includes map making, writing, and resources. Check out their wiki and subreddit rules before posting.

The Language Construction Kit An extensive resource for building and constructing a language including information on the biology of sound, international phonetic alphabet (IPA), different parts of sound and language (phonemes, grammar, syntax, semantics, etc.)

Imaginary Network Reddit Hub for all the “imaginary” themed subreddits. Includes links to art specific to landscapes, architecture, characters, and yes fandoms. Each subreddit included is a good source for inspiring art that can help visualize and describe your world.

DeviantArt DeviantArt can be hit or miss, in my opinion. However, if you’re willing to sift through it you can find some things that are either inspiring or can help you visualize your world. Traditional art, sketching, digital art, photography, etc. are all included so search and browse.


Quoll Writer A  FREE downloadable application for writers. Allows writers to make notes, structure by chapter, add words, and other things that aren’t as easily done in regular word processors. This application ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS WITH NO OPTIONS FOR MAC OS at the moment.

HemingwayApp A nifty little online application. Copy and paste your text into it and it well highlight things that may be problems (overly complicated sentences, too many adverbs, etc.) Take it with a grain of salt, but it may be helpful.

Scrivener Writing Program A program that helps writers organize, construct, and format documents in useful ways. Very well reviewed, but has a $45 price tag. It does go on sale at times for about half that.

Master Outlining and Tracking Tool For Novels This is an organizing and structuring tool that can be handy when juggling different things. It works top-down, so you start with the whole story, down to “acts” (so to speak), then to individual scenes and so on. The link provides instructions on how to use it.


Pandora Radio Internet radio that allows you to create your own station based on an artist, genre, soundtracks to film and TV, and individual songs. Some artists I recommend: Kate Rusby, Loreena Mckennitt, and Enya.  Free with ads.

Spotify Free to download (with ads). Find specific songs from artists, create playlists.

Tabletop Audio FREE to use website that has tons of audio options for all sorts of ambience and sound needs. Forest sounds, sewers, towns, taverns and bars, and all kinds of things that may be useful.